Inland Marine Insurance

Inland Marine Insurance
by oakwood
Inland Marine policies cover movable property, and as such they are often referred to as floaters. Inland Marine Insurance is designed to cover equipment, machinery, or other property transported over land.

Contractors Equipment Coverage

Covers loss or damage to tools, machinery, or other mobile equipment owned or used by contractors. A contractors insurance policy can extend beyond simply covering equipment; it can also cover small tools, employees’ equipment and clothing, and borrowed equipment. In the event of a covered loss, contractors equipment coverage can even help pay for the removal of debris and clean up after an accident.

Inland Transit Coverage

Covers loss or damage to goods transported over land within the United States. Most goods covered by inland transit policies are shipped by rail, truck, or a combination of the two. This inland marine insurance policy also covers inland movement of consignments for the specified period of time which is usually one year. This policy is suitable for companies with numerous transactions throughout the year and provides continuous cover.

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